What is Omber?

Omber is an innovative new vector drawing tool specializing in soft shading. Omber is designed to give you maximum control over the shading and colors in your vector art. With Omber, you can achieve delicate color blending that will bring new nuance and subtlety to your designs.

Like all vector drawing tools, Omber easily lets you reshape, recolor, or resize your art. Artists have traditionally used raster painting tools, like Photoshop, for making art with delicate shading. With these raster tools, you color the individual pixels of an image. When you enlarge or reshape these images, the pixels are distorted, resulting in blurry images that lose detail. Vector tools, like Omber, you work with shapes and lines, meaning images can be enlarged to poster sizes while preserving all of its delicate features.

Enlarging a raster image results in blurry pictures while vector images can be enlarged with no loss of detail

Whereas traditional vector art tools specialize in diagrams and text that use solid colors, Omber is designed for making organic shapes with soft shading. Omber is designed around a new drawing primitive that lets you set arbitrary colors at arbitrary points on any shape. Omber will then automatically blend those colors smoothly across the shape. You aren't restricted to simple linear or radial gradients. You also aren't limited to using restricted shapes like a gradient mesh grid. Omber gives you mastery over your gradients by giving you full control over their shapes and coloring.

Omber lets you set arbitrary colors at arbitrary points on any shape

With this greater control over colors and shapes, Omber also introduces a new artist workflow. With traditional vector tools, artists usually work with individual shapes, each a single solid color. Omber lets you blend colors across the boundaries of different shapes. You can combine shapes to make even more complex shapes and gradients. To unlock the artistic possibilities of working with multiple shapes at once, Omber brings over workflow elements inspired by 3d modelling tools. Omber lets shapes share edges with each other to create complex meshes that can be manipulated and deformed.

Omber advances vector graphics to new realms, by letting you build complex, organic shapes that use soft, delicate shading. Those shapes can be reshaped, recolored, and resized with no loss of detail. Omber frees you from the limitations of other vector art tools by giving you unprecedented control over the colors and shading in your art. We hope you enjoy it.